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Siding & Gutters

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Norandex Premium Vinyl Siding

Norandex vinyl siding combines aesthetic versatility, low-maintenance, performance, with environmentally friendly attributes. It is time to give your home a fresh new look with new trim and accent options. The Norandex selection offers a wide selection of styles and finishes with a full spectrum of colors. Achieve your ideal exterior style for any type of home in any neighborhood. Any look from historic to contemporary is possible.

Enjoy a new fresh look over time. Norandex withstands high winds and resists heat, cold, and moisture.  The only maintenance needed is a simple wash with a soft cloth and garden hose. Throw your paintbrushes away!


Hicks Roofing and Construction LLC utilizes continuous gutters that will be cut to the exact specifications of your home, eliminating seams and joints, potential leak points. We offer a variety of colors to match your home and personal preferences. Whether you need new gutter installation, replacement of your old gutter system or gutter repair, we can do the job.


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No matter the need whether it be new installations, weather damage, or wear over time – let us give you a free inspection and quote


  • Norandex comes with a limited warranty.
  • Hicks Roofing & Construction has a 3-year warranty on labor for Siding and Gutters.